Kisaburo is in training as the fourth generation tailor of “Iwamoto Wasai”, a kimono tailor’s shop, which started its business 90 years ago. He was named after Kisaburo Iwamoto, the founder of “Iwamoto Wasai”, who brought innovation to the kimono industry. The younger Kisaburo believes his mission is to break down the boundaries between Japanese and Western clothing as well as between men’s and women’s clothing.



February     - Opened own fashion brand “kisaburo”. The first collection “KAIKOKU”

April         -日本排隊美食展 in Taiwan

         – Tokyo Hair make-up collection 2015SS in Tokyo

July           – Special lecture at Universidade Estadual Paulista in Brazil

September     – Kisaburo was selected as a main visual at rooms31, one of the biggest art & fashion events in Tokyo